2023.12.08 Story | Karuizawa International 2023

Wrap up!!
The Karuizawa International 2023 ended successfully on the 3rd, December.

Participation teams, sponsors, spectators, organizing staff, volunteers, streaming crew and the people involved in, we’d like to appreciate each and every one of you.

That was a blast time as if guided by magic spells.
We felt as if everyone celebrated our 25th anniversary.

Since the pandemic slowed down, we were finally able to hold the event as usual this year.
There’s no doubt that it will definitely be one of the most memorable events for us in the years to come, not simply because we marked 25th anniversary but also many other wonderful things.
If you would share the same feeling with us, there is no greater happiness for us.

We were sooo happy to have awesome teams which usually are competing in the highest bonspiel in the world.
They must have increased many fans not only because of their superb performance but also top-curlers’ attitude toward games and spectators as well.

Though there’s no need to explain, our special reporter, Mr. Devin Heroux has done an impeccable job.
We’ve already known that he is a wonderful sports journalist, and he tells sports stories like no other reporters and brings to life the genuineness of athletes. He really is a fantastic and, more than that.
He always gives us energy and brightens up the atmosphere as well.
We’re really grateful for him having given us a lot of useful learning.

Furthermore, we could have an opportunity to present the Special Achievement Award to Ms. Elaine Dagg-Jackson, Curling Canada.
We’d like to express our deepest gratitude once again to her and Mr. Glen Jackson.

As to relationship between Elaine and us, please refer to HERE.

We’d like you to know one more thing, about the prize money.
We announced that the amount might increase depending on the number of spectators. As a result, the amount has increased by JPY2,100,000 as follows.

 1st place JPY700,000 → JPY1,200,000
 2nd place JPY400,000 → JPY700,000
 3rd place JPY250,000 → JPY400,000
 4th place JPY150,000 → JPY250,000

25 years is a long time. However, in other words, it’s just 25 years.
The Karuizawa International continues to evolve to make new curling adventure.

Thank you all again.
Finally, we’d like to close with Devin’s word.


Look forward to seeing you again in our next event.

Women’s final result:
 1st   Team Kitazawa (Japan)
 2nd  Team E.Kim (Korea)
 3rd  Team Lawes (Canada)
 4th  Team Yoshimura (Japan)

Men’s final result:
 1st   Team Gushue (Canada)
 2nd  Team Sato (Japan)
 3rd  Team Edin (Sweden)
 4th  Team Morozumi (Japan)