2022.12.21 Story | Karuizawa International 2022

The Karuizawa International 2022 ended successfully on the 18th, December.

To the sponsors, the participating teams, the spectators, the bonspiel staff and the people involved in the event, we’d like to express all our gratitude for your cooperation and support.

As a matter of course, it was extremely difficult for us to carry out this year’s bonspiel during the time of coronavirus. However, we were finally able to finish the event as scheduled without no team missing, or retiring in the middle of the event.

While many events are held without spectators even now, we hoped to provide as many as curlers with the opportunity to play matches, and for many people to enjoy watching the sports. Fortunately, the Olympian teams and the world high ranking teams came together this year. They met our expectations and showed their superb performance in plenty. Spectators in the venue and viewers around the world through the online had much fun watching the games.

We’d like you to know one thing in particular that we tried some new things this year.
Firstly, the prize money. We introduced the way that the amount might increase depending on the number of spectators. As a result, the amount has increased by JPY2,000,000 as follows.

  1st place   JPY700,000 → JPY1,200,000
  2nd place   JPY400,000 → JPY700,000
  3rd place   JPY250,000 → JPY400,000
  4th place   JPY150,000 → JPY200,000

Secondly, the Exciting sheet on the ice. It is the special spectator area where audience can watch curlers’ performance up closer and can feel immersed. There has never been anything like this before in Japan.
Some people purchased repeatedly because they knew and rediscovered the pleasure to watch games from there.
In addition, we specially invited junior curlers and children to this area during the event period. All of them watched the game with shining eyes. We hope it will be a memorable experience for them.

We gave all our time and effort into the event in spite of various difficult conditions.
In order to enhance our bonspiel even further, we are always challenging ourselves for curling.

Thank you all again.
Hope to return to normal soon and look forward to seeing you again in our next event.


Men’s final result:
1st   Team Yanagisawa (Japan)
2nd  Team Morozumi (Japan)
3rd   Team Shuster (USA)
4th   Team Hirata (Japan)

Women’s final result:
1st   Team E.Kim (Korea)
2nd  Team Einarson (Canada)
3rd   Team Yoshimura (Japan)
4th   Team Fujisawa (Japan)