2022.11.23 About our streaming on YouTube

Let us know your request for the streamed game through your poll!

As to the preliminary games, we’ll take a poll on Google Forms, so please join us.

It will start on November 23 (Wed.), 5 pm (JPT) until Nov. 30 (Wed.) 1pm (JPT).

Poll here (*ФωФ)ノ ♪

・Please sign in your Google account and poll it. One poll per person. Once polled, it cannot be modified.
・Only one selected game of each session will be streamed on our YouTube Channel.
・Basically, we’ll steam one game according to the each poll results, but for certain reasons such as only the same team is selected, etc. this poll result may be changed by the organizer.
・If the first place is a two-way tie, the stream game will be chosen by the organizer.
・The streaming schedule will be announced as soon as it is decided on our website and social media.
・We cannot answer questions or requests individually.