2019.12.13 Streaming and domestic broadcast information

One game in each preliminary draw and each play-off will be streamed on YouTube channel of “Shinsyu sports! Ittou-ryodan“.
Play-by-play commentary is all in Japanese.
Streaming schedule as below;

Thursday, Dec. 19, 9:00am JST    minami vs nakajima
Thursday, Dec. 19, 12:30pm JST   CALVERT vs YAMAGUCHI
Thursday, Dec. 19, 4:00pm JST   yoshimura vs roth
Thursday, Dec. 19, 7:30pm JST   MOROZUMI vs H.MATSUMURA

Friday, Dec. 20, 9:00am JST   koana vs kanai
Friday, Dec. 20, 12:30pm JST   EDIN vs USUI
Friday, Dec. 20, 4:00 JST   koana vs yoshimura
Friday, Dec. 20, 7:30 JST   Y.MATSUMURA vs USUI

Saturday, Dec. 21, 9:00am JST   fujisawa vs sinclair
Saturday, Dec. 21, 12:30pm JST   OGIHARA vs EDIN
Saturday, Dec. 21, 3:30pm JST   women’s quarterfinal
Saturday, Dec. 21, 7:00pm JST   men’s quarterfinal

Sunday, Dec. 22, 8:30am JST   women’s or men’s semifinal
Sunday, Dec. 22, 1:00pm JST   men’s final or the third place game
Sunday, Dec. 22, 4:00pm JST women’s final or the third place game


Several draws will be on Japanese TV everyday.
Women’s draws are on BS Asahi.
Men’s draws are live on TV Asahi CS which is pay broadcast system.