2019.10.28 Here’s the team lineups of this year’s event.

The Karuizawa International 2019 feature 15 men’s teams and 12 women’s teams, icluding 6 men’s and 8 women’s teams ranked among the top 50th on the WCT 14 weeks of October 28th.
You must be excited!


(Canada) Team Carey
(Japan) Team Enami
(Japan) Team Fujisawa
(Japan) Team Hayashi
(Japan) Team Kawahira
(Japan) Team Koana
(Japan) Team Minami
(Japan) Team Nakajima
(USA) Team Roth
(Russia) Team Sidorova
(USA) Team Sinclair
(Japan) Team Yoshimura


(Canada) Team Bottcher
(Canada) Team Calvert
(Sweden) Team Edin
(Japan) Team H.Matsumura
(Japan) Team Kanda
(Japan) Team Morozumi
(Japan) Team Ogihara
(Japan) Team Shimizu
(Japan) Team Shimizuno
(USA) Team Shuster
(Japan) Team Takada
(Japan) Team Takeda
(Japan) Team Usui
(Japan) Team Yamaguchi
(Japan) Team Y.Matsumura